Listen Flavor Fukubukuro Lucky Pack 2017 Reveal

July 5, 2017
It's been long overdue but I wanted to show you guys what I  got in my Listen Flavor Fukubukuro Lucky Bag! This one comes with 5 items: a parka and 4 other tops plus the bag. I got this from Harajuku Hearts for about $85! A pretty good deal in my opinion since each piece comes out to about $17, and for the most part, Listen Flavor's things are pretty cute and casual!

You can check out a quick video of the reveal here!

Mole Removal Update

June 27, 2017

I am back with a small update on my laser removal for my other mole. I got it done yesterday morning and the whole procedure took about half an hour. It was quick and painless for the most part. It's a little reddish/pink as you can see in my non-makeup photo above. I'm anxiously waiting to see how this will heal!

Enchantlic Enchantilly Queen Cat Portraits Series

June 23, 2017
Yet another Cat Print Alert!! I'm with Fumiko and her love for cats. This is such a beautiful Classic Lolita design, and a total must have for all Cat Lovers out there! I saw it instantly and knew I had to put a reservation request in; they will be available late July. Queen Cat adorns this dress in different antique frames and she just looks stunning as ever. I love it, it's a purr-fect piece for my wardrobe collection! Super excited!  

 So far available is the JSK cut, the simple ribbon sash around the waist is really in now

Cats are indeed purrfect

shirring in the back to accommodate some sizes!

3 colorways available, black, navy, and pink

I'm leaning towards black or navy, since I prefer darker colors. I am really excited to see this in person and this is probably one the more fun prints I am excited about so far! Since I can't physically have a cat right now, I can still expand my cat collection some how!

My Facial Moles & Mole Removal

June 21, 2017

So this post is going to be able my facial moles; I have two. One I had was on my chin which was a flat dark brown birthmark, and the other you can see here it is near my eye. That one is raised, and is a black mole. I don't have any makeup on to show you the moles, well actually been about six months since I started treatment for the one on my chin, so it's pretty much gone.

Atelier Pierrot Royal Big Ben Series

June 19, 2017
Atelier Pierrot has always been one of my favorite Lolita brands since I started the fashion. I think it's definitely one of the lesser appreciated brands since right now it's all about the latest prints, but Atelier Pierrot has some great well-fitted pieces that works well for a staple wardrobe! For this post, I wanted to put some spotlight on their newest print series, because as a cat lover, I absolutely am in LOVE.

This series was released back on April 29th, and comes in 3 variations. Long JSK 24,000yen + tax, and 2 skirts 13,000+tax; Skirt comes in Diamond or Starry Night Sky background. This print features the Big Ben clock tower in London and has these adorable cats wearing top hats! As if that's not cute enough, just check out the coordinates. Super cool.


Those matching top hats are super fun and you'll be able to match with these precious cats! I've always been a fan of Atelier Pierrot's coordinates because everything is put together so well. I love the Gothic touches and their pieces are always very fun to mix and match with.