My Facial Moles & Mole Removal

June 21, 2017

So this post is going to be able my facial moles; I have two. One I had was on my chin which was a flat dark brown birthmark, and the other you can see here it is near my eye. That one is raised, and is a black mole. I don't have any makeup on to show you the moles, well actually been about six months since I started treatment for the one on my chin, so it's pretty much gone.

I went to two other consultations with two different plastic surgeons before I decided to go with the Doctor that I am seeing now. The first plastic surgeon I went to said the way he would do it was to shave the mole on the chin, and make an excision and sew it up. What he didn't tell me or warn me about was the potential scarring. I learned about scarring with my second consultation with a different plastic surgeon. Her consultation fee was pretty hefty, $150 and in the end she said she could not do the mole removal procedure on me and that I should just keep it as it is. She did recommend looking into laser for the mole on the chin, and warned me that if an excision is made on the other one, it would scar and potentially lift up my eyelid when it was sewn up. The skin on your eyes are extremely thin and is very likely to scar if there is a cut.

I went home feeling pretty crummy, and out $150 but I definitely would not like a wonky eyelid or a scary scar, especially near my eyes. After I got home, I decided to look into laser clinics for mole removals and I believe that there are couple ways of removing a mole: excision, shaving, laser, and radiofrequency/radiosurgery. I'm not going to go into discussing them, but each method is good for different types of moles and where they are located. I just decided to go with laser because it was better than doing excisions on my face and cheaper than seeing a plastic surgeon. The first guy I had a consultation with said there was the option of doing it with or without anesthetics, and would be more expensive if you wanted to do it in the hospital.

There are actually many options for mole removal and I only looked into Plastic Surgeon/Medispa locations. I did not look into any Estheticians, such as those Korean or Asian Facial Spa places. I know they do mole removals but because I was most concerned with the one near my eye, and the tissue is very thin, fragile, and prone to scaring I wanted to minimize the risk of a bad scar. It is also personal preference, and ultimately it is up to what you feel like doing.

Laser Procedure
My third try and third consultation was with a Doctor who specializes in Laser Surgery. I really liked her, and she examined my moles and said the chin mole can be done with a few laser sessions while the mole near my eye is a little tricky. It has a high chance of scaring, and the scar would probably be the size of the mole itself but a white color. She told me to think about that and we started the first treatment for the mole on my chin the same day.

The procedure itself was not that painful, it felt like someone poking you with a ballpoint pen and it probably took 5-10 minutes. My first session was in November 2016, and we did 6 sessions. It's pretty much gone for the most part and it's not really noticeable unless you are face to face with me. The Doctor does not suggest more sessions for it since it most likely will not get any darker. I'm pretty happy with the results, and is much more easy to cover with foundation now.

So yeah, I am very satisfied with how the chin mole turned out. Not as noticeable anymore and much less distractions on my face! It's still very faint, and I have thought about tattooing it to match my skin color but it is not a big priority as of now. Next, I decided to move forward with removing the other mole which I am a little nervous about. I know that there will be scarring but I am unsure how bad, it could turn out okay or really terrible. I have looked into remedies and products to help with the scarring and healing. Appointment is next Monday, so I will update you soon!

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